Our Directors


God has put together a diverse team of Canadian and Haitian partners on our Board of Directors, each with their own areas of giftedness and experience, but all with the common focus of serving Christ through serving and empowering our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Ricardo Charles


Ricardo is both a civil engineer and a pastor, who oversees our school sponsorship and kids' club programs, and many other outreaches, in the community of Lafito. With his engineering training and experience, Ricardo is also a huge asset in overseeing our building projects in Haiti.

Russ Beaurivage


Russ is a pilot, and an advocate with Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada.  He is also a retired OPP officer and an ex-airborne serviceman with the Canadian military.  His roots in rural Ontario working on farms, coupled with his professional experience, have made him a jack-of-all-trades who oversees many of our endeavours in Haiti.  He provides mission aviation flights in Haiti, as well as working on maintenance at Hospital Evangelique de Bombardopolis.

Karen Beaurivage


Karen is one of our two full-time missionaries working in Haiti.  Her administration and organizational skills, and many years of experience in a legal office and serving in children’s ministry, allow her to keep our charity running smoothly, provide administrative oversight to our programs, and work effectively in an administrative position at Hospital Evangelique de Bombardopolis in Haiti.

Joslyn Manning


Joslyn graduated from Redeemer University College with an Honours B.A. in International Development (with Distinction), with minors in Social Justice and Mission & Ministry.  She is key in the development and success of our programming, especially in the area of community development.  She also looks after the administration of our programs in Canada.

Justin Vandervelde


As a graduate of Business Management from Redeemer University College, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge in business and financial management to Hope From Above Ministries. He is key in the development and success of our programming, especially in the area of economic stimulation, marketing and communications.

Hillary Henderson


Hillary is an Advanced Care Paramedic and certified CPR trainer.  Hillary has  experience in leading short-term medical teams, and providing medical outreach clinics in under-serviced areas of Haiti.  She also provides CPR and first aid training within  Haiti. 

Nolan Milec


As a small business owner in Oakville, Ontario, Nolan brings his business expertise to the table, assisting with the smooth functioning of the charity and its endeavours.