In Lafito


School Sponsorships

Our school sponsorship program in the Village of Lafito began in 2016 with four boys who were living on the streets and beginning to get into trouble.  We recognized that without intervention, trouble was ahead for both the boys and the community. We enrolled the boys in school, equipped them with uniforms and supplies, and met with family members to get them back into a home setting. No child should be living on the streets.  

The next year, more people came on board, and we were able to pay for school fees, supplies and tutors for 17 children who otherwise would not have the opportunity for education.  In our third year, we sponsored 30 children for school, and have  now increased to 35 child sponsorships each year.  We have capped this sponsorship program at 35 children for now because we are supporting the community's most troubled and vulnerable children, who require a great deal of mentorship and support. We are committed to quality over quantity in our sponsorships.

Our model is to place our sponsored kids in schools in the community. The opportunity for education offers hope for a better future to the kids, and relieves pressure on their families allowing them to stay together. The added enrolment in community schools also helps the schools to continue to employ teachers and support staff from the community.  We also hire tutors to promote success, as many parents may not be able to help their children with homework as they themselves may have never had an opportunity to attend school. Helping one child, helps the community!

The cost of a school sponsorship is $360 CDN annually, or $30 per month, which covers tuition, school fees, uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies, and tutors.  Sponsors receive a photo and information regarding their sponsored child.  Prayers for our sponsored children and their family are just as important as the financial sponsorship they receive.  We happily deliver letters to our sponsored children in Haiti so sponsors can let them know they care! 

Sponsor A Child's Education

The cost of a school sponsorship is $360 CDN annually, or $30 per month, which covers tuition, school fees, uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies, and tutors.


Young Leader Sponsorships

Additional Information

We often hear the concept of “giving back to your community”. We have a group of dedicated leaders on the ground who make our programs possible as they give to their community. These young men and women choose to pay it forward as they use their time and talents mentoring the children and youth in our programs and the community with no expectation of receiving anything in return. However, these young leaders struggle financially to be able to continue to pay for their own education.  Through Young Leader Sponsorships we are able to lift some of the burden from these mentors as they serve.

How can you help?

The annual cost of a Young Leader Sponsorship is $360 CDN, or $30 per month, to cover the cost of tuition, school fees, uniforms, books, and school supplies. Send us an email if you are interested in helping us come alongside our young leaders.


Community Care Fund

As we come alongside some of the most vulnerable in the community through our programs, we encounter many families and individuals in crisis situations. The Community Care Fund allows us to meet urgent needs, while we help find long-term solutions. Your donations will be well-used in providing food, housing and medical care to those who need it most.  


Kids Club

Our weekly kids club program ministers to approximately 100 children a week.  They  learn about the love of Jesus through both the spoken word and the care of their leaders.  The older kids are taught skills such as macrame and making sandals and jewellery.  We also have a choir of our children who visit churches and other groups, as we emphasize servanthood and reaching others for Jesus.  Your donations help support the costs of materials, drinks, snacks, prizes, and transportation, so we can continue to minister to the children and youth in our community.


Wedding Ministry

Big weddings are a part of Haitian culture that many cannot afford.   By providing pre-marital counselling, wedding dresses, an officiant, rings, and modest financial support for marriage licences, we come alongside couples who wish to be married, to encourage the bond of the family unit. 

Your donations can help us to continue to encourage and promote the value of families!