Community Development

Ti-commerce (small business) grants help individuals to help themselves!

We believe that the key to strengthening a community lies in empowering and uniting the individuals within the community to work together for positive change.   

We currently support community volunteers in providing children, youth and adult programs.  Our weekly kids' club program in the Village of Lafito teaches children about the love of Jesus and servanthood in their community. Other volunteers work with youth and adults in the community teaching life skills, adult literacy, and English classes.

More than 2/3 of the work force in Haiti does not have formal jobs. We seek to provide opportunities for job creation which is the key to stimulating the economy, keeping families together, and strengthening communities. From time to time, we are able to provide business start-up funds to assist individuals in meeting their basic needs.

As part of our goal of strengthening communities, we also encourage strong family bonds, and are able to assist couples who wish to make that marriage commitment.  

+ more to come!

+ more to come!