Aviation Ministry

A one hour flight can save a life!

The cost of one hour of flying is $250 CDN or $190 USD.

Your donation for one hour of flying can:

- save the life of someone needing acute medical care

- provide for the safe delivery of a baby who's mother is in distress

-  transport medical  teams to provide life-giving medical procedures

- transport ophthalmologists to remote areas to restore sight

- allow a missionary safe transportation into under-serviced areas 

to share the gospel and provide mentorship


The roads in Haiti are often treacherous, and at times unpassable. Russ Beaurivage, one of our founders and directors, is a Canadian licensed private pilot who has been flying in Haiti since 2013.  Russ has a Cessna 182, which is a well-equipped aircraft for landing on some of Haiti's remote, under-established runways, for the movement of people and supplies throughout Haiti, primarily to assist with medical needs, disaster relief, or movement of missionaries and their supplies.  

Russ' past ministry flights have included:

- Working alongside Mission Aviation Fellowship and Samaritan's Purse to complete aerial survey flights after Hurricane Irma

- Transportation of patients from remote areas to hospitals for medical care 

- Providing transportation to/from training events 

- Transportation for patients to see specialists visiting in different regions 

- Survey flights

- Transportation of missionaries and supplies to remote areas

If you have aviation needs we may be able to assist with, please review the Aviation Ministry Information below, and then submit an Aviation Ministry Request by email to aviation@hfamhaiti.org.

Aviation Ministry Information (pdf)


Aviation Ministry Request (pdf)


Waiver and Release (pdf)