About Us

Hope From Above Ministries is a Canadian registered charity.

Our ministry is primarily located in the Village of Lafito (also known as Minotrie), a coastal village approximately 40 minutes north-west of the capital of Haiti, Port au Prince.

Through our work, we encounter poverty and hardship. But we also see people working together, under God's leadership, to build better lives and communities. 

Our goal is to offer back to God the resources He has given us, and to trust Him for better tomorrows, as we support local ministries, provide school sponsorships and post-secondary opportunities, create jobs and economic stimulation, promote healthy relationships within the local church, and reach out to the communities in which we serve. 

Our Mission

We exist to promote Christ-centred individual and community development in Haiti

Our Vision

Our vision is to see thriving, Christ-centred, life-giving communities throughout Haiti